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United By Our Shared Mission

Our mission is to improve the health and economic vitality of the communities we serve. All of the SF Network properties are united through this mission. Whether we’re operating an $80 Million sports mega-plex like Hoover Met Complex, an arena & entertainment center like Fort Bend Epicenter, or a local aquatics center like Caporella Aquatics, our team is focused on doing good for the client and community.

2,500 Team Members strong

In addition to our 100+ corporate services team, we have experienced operators, general managers, event organizers, marketers, catering teams, and program directors in facilities across the country. Through monthly training and networking calls, we share expertise, experience, and best practices from across the Network. Working with SFC in the SF Network is a unique career opportunity with plenty of room to grow.

Network Knowledge, Individual Attention

Each property in the SF Network is different. Different goals, vision, and community collaboration. While we have purpose-built our management framework to scale and serve, we also take time to ensure every account has dedicated resources committed to making it a success. Whether it’s the first call with our business development team or the first meeting with your new operating team, the place we always start is with your vision and goals.
About The SF Network
The SF Network

Performance Matters

We develop and operate the highest performing properties in the country. Sometimes that’s measured in revenue, other times in economic impact through tourism, and in community engagement. No matter the goals, SFC is driven to perform.

Partnership Over Profit

Different from a private sports club, event owner, or typical third-party manager, SFC’s model is designed to create long-lasting partnerships. That is why our flat fee-for-service model guarantees that more of the money generated by your community, stays in the community.

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About The SF Network