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Hey, we’re the Sports Facilities Companies (you can call us SFC), and we develop and operate sports, recreation, wellness, and events properties on behalf of our incredible clients. With over 20 years of experience, there’s no one else quite like us. We are purpose-built to adapt and serve the unique goals of each of our communities and create results you can count on.


What do you call the highest performing collection of youth sports, events, and community recreation properties in the country? We call it the SF Network. It’s how we describe the connection and the collective power of our 2,500+ team members, our 40+ properties, event partnerships, and everything in between.

SF Experience


The SF Network
You’ve heard of golf course operators. Or convention center managers. That’s not us. It’s great to have a specialty, but what we’ve found to be even more effective is to build a well-rounded team who can adapt to facilities of all shapes and sizes – from sports tourism mega-plexes to your local pickleball complex. Now that’s special.
SF Experience


Imagine an operating partner who can execute your vision. In the last decade, requests for professional management of public assets have increased by 1,200%*. Rather than lease their properties and lose control, clients hire SFC to manage their assets because we operate on their behalf with their goals and community in mind – and produce the results they’re counting on.
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