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Rhythm & Rally: Pioneering Youth Engagement Through Pickleball

Pickleball… a game for all ages. While people ages 18-34 represent the largest age bracket of pickleball players, totaling 28.8% of all players, the game is getting younger.

Much younger, in fact, at the nation’s newest premier indoor pickleball facility, Rhythm & Rally Sports & Events in Macon, Georgia. The venue is sweeping the community off its feet with innovative, youth-focused pickleball programs. The standard amongst picklers boasting 32 courts is leaving no stone unturned to promote and expand the world of pickleball.

At the core of Rhythm & Rally’s programming is the commitment to youth development. “I reached out to the Macon-Bibb County School Board, and they put me in touch with Tracey B. Muff, director of school enrichment programs,” said Sports Facility Manager Andrea Lee. “Tracey was thrilled at the opportunity to introduce America’s fastest growing sport into Macon-Bibb’s public elementary summer programs to reach children from all different backgrounds and ages throughout the district.”

This collaboration has resulted in a camp for children aged 6-11, taking place Monday through Thursday in June. An impressive 628 participants are expected to attend. Pickleball helps kids learn hand-eye coordination, agility, and balance in a social team setting. Kids are having so much fun they do not realize the cardiovascular benefits they are receiving, which can improve mood and mental wellness. Campers are taught the fundamentals of serving and receiving the ball, volleying, dinking, positioning, and scoring.

In another exciting collaboration, Rhythm & Rally will host two one-day camps tailored for high school and middle school students. These camps will partner with Next Level Community Development Center, a youth academic development and violence prevention program that provides free college readiness services. The sessions on June 4 and June 25 promise to introduce nearly 50 students per camp to this fun and inclusive sport.

“It’s a great partnership opportunity,” said Lee. Before working with R&R, I coordinated youth and adult programs for Macon-Bibb County Parks & Rec for the last 15 years. It’s a wonderful feeling building these youth programs and continuing to give back to the community.”

Programming at Rhythm & Rally extends even further, hosting family, industry, and college nights. They also partner with various non-profit organizations as part of its mission to make a positive difference in the community every day.

Rhythm & Rally’s tenacious belief in pickleball as a sport for everyone continues to fuel its programs and events, offering a diverse array to reach all demographics, ages, and skill levels. The team at R&R is just warming up and is ready to rally with all walks of life.

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