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Emerald Acres Sports Connection

Emerald Acres Sports Connection is located in Mattoon, IL and will be opening in late 2024. The facility features an indoor field house, outdoor fields, and a walkable retail development space. The indoor field house has room for eight basketball courts or 16 volleyball courts, a family entertainment center, and space for a medical tenant to lease. The outdoor fields consist of four 300-foot baseball/softball fields, four 400-foot baseball/softball fields, 12 multipurpose turf fields, and four multipurpose grass fields.

Key Features

Indoor Fieldhouse

8 Basketball Courts

16 Volleyball Courts

Family Entertainment Center

4 Baseball / Softball Fields (300 Foot)

4 Baseball / Softball Fields (400 Foot)

4 Multi-Purpose Turf Fields

12 Multi-Purpose Grass Fields

Meet the team

David Bounds

Vice President of Venue Management

David Bounds

Account Executive

Tyler Yoder

General Manager


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Emerald Acres Sports Connection

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