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Investing in the Future: Pelican Bay Aquatic Center’s Scholarship Program for Aspiring Swimmers

Swimming: More Than Just a Sport

Swim lessons are more than just a skill, they are a life-saving necessity. In a study conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, it was found that participation in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88 percent reduction in the risk of drowning in 1- to 4-year-old children.

Situated in Edmond, OK, Pelican Bay Aquatic Center is not merely an aquatic center but a hub of community engagement and youth development. Recently, the venue implemented a new scholarship program targeted at young swimmers who would like to participate in the group swim lessons offered. In the inaugural year of the scholarship, 29 of the 32 applicants received a swim scholarship! And the three swimmers who didn’t receive scholarships only missed out because their applications were submitted too late.

The Scholarship Program: A Commitment to Community

This scholarship program offers families who might not have been able to afford it the opportunity to participate in group swim lessons. The program aligns seamlessly with Pelican Bay Aquatic Center’s philosophy of shaping the future of swimming and underscores its dedication to preventing incidents of drowning by promoting safe swimming practices.

To be considered for the scholarship, parents or guardians must just fill out an application with their name, email, and phone number along with the name of their child, the swim class level that they would like to join, and a brief description of how the scholarship can help their child. Once your application is accepted, you will receive an email with further instructions.

With such high importance, Pelican Bay decided to implement their scholarship program with the hope that nobody would miss out on swim lessons because of their financial situation.

Also, swimming isn’t just about safety, it’s an excellent form of aerobic exercise that promotes strength and fitness. It’s a full-body workout that encourages a healthy heart and lungs, all while being low-impact and gentle on growing bodies. Swimming also provides an environment where children can interact, compete, cooperate, and learn from each other, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

Community Focused, Future-Oriented

The initiation of the scholarship program reflects Pelican Bay Aquatic Center’s commitment to making swimming accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances. This center continues to give back to the community, making ripples not just in the pool, but in the lives of many families and young individuals.

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