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Virginia Beach Sports Center: Home of State Championships

In the domain of athletics, few names echo with the same valor and vibrancy as the Virginia Beach Sports Center (VBSC). A proud key player in Virginia’s sports world, VBSC stands tall not only as a monument of physical endurance but as a beacon for its influence on the landscape of state championships and record-breaking performances. It’s an institution that inspires achievement in the athletes who pass through its gates– a testament to the city’s proactivity in fostering a nurturing environment for athletic and personal development.

Since its grand opening in 2020, the venue has continued to prove its merit in hosting state championships and other large tournaments. With a capacity for 5,000 spectators and a floor where dreams become reality, VBSC is the modern-day Coliseum for Virginian athletes. It’s not just a 285,000-square-foot marvel with 12 basketball courts, 24 volleyball courts, and a 200M hydraulic track (one of a handful in the nation); it’s the heart that beats with the passion of the games it hosts.

Beyond the Structure: A Legacy Carved in Stone and Spirit

VBSC’s legacy as the home of state championships didn’t happen by chance. From the earliest design phases, the mission was clear: to provide a venue that could not only house competitions but foster the kind of experiences that young athletes would cherish for a lifetime. This visionary approach drew the Virginia High School League (VHSL) in, leading to a partnership that set the gold standard for championship hosting.

City and school officials reached out to VHSL expressing an interest in hosting more championships in the Virginia Beach area. VHSL was already searching for a venue with the capacity to support its showcase events. VBSC checked all the boxes with the ability to host multiple sports classifications under the same roof, a spectator capacity large enough to support major events and allow as many people to attend as possible, and the few-and-far-between 200M hydraulic indoor track in their backyard. Along with those amenities, VBSC calls iconic Virginia Beach home, an area conducive for visitors with hotels, restaurants, and attractions nearby.

This synergy between VBSC and VHSL is more than a logistical convenience; it’s a strategic alliance that ensures athletes have the stage to showcase their might. In late February, VBSC welcomed the VHSL back for its state championships in wrestling and track and field. With VBSC providing a stage that magnifies the success and spirit of the state’s future stars, 317 schools from across the state, representing Northern Virginia to Richmond and beyond, congregated at this sports hub.

“The facility is amazing. We have held the state championships at Virginia Beach Sports Center ever since the facility opened,” said VHSL Assistant Director of Track & Field Kelley Haney. “This year, our track & field championships drew over 1,500 participants.  It’s a very exciting time for the kids to make it to the state competition because they feel like they’ve accomplished something.”

“The staff at VBSC have been a pleasure to work with, very positive, helpful, kind and courteous,” echoes VHSL Assistant Director of Wrestling, Chris Robinson. “At the end of the day, I just want to provide a first-class championship experience to all of the students and coaches coming together to compete. VBSC helps us give them an experience that they’ll talk about in the future.”

How VBSC Helps the VA Showcase Set the Stage for Record-Breaking Performances

This year’s VA Showcase track and field event bolstered VBSC’s reputation as the home for state and national records with three new national records, over 1,300 elite performances, and an array of top five all-time feats earned during the event.

However, the complex’s impact on the national athletic circuit goes beyond numbers and names, it resonates with a quality that sets the standard higher for everyone involved. “Switching to this state-of-the-art venue was the right call,” said VA Showcase Founder Nolan Jez-Hamer. “In the past, some facilities would make us do ticketing and every aspect of organizing. So, having a facility like VBSC where all of that is encompassed and takes that off our shoulders, it really just frees us up to focus on what matters– Which, in turn, makes the event better.”

The Final Surge: Invigorating Athletics, Inspiring Futures

The future of VBSC is one of growth, innovation, and a pledge to uphold the distinguished legacy it has crafted. With an ear to the ground and eyes on the horizon, VBSC commits to steering sports events, not just in Virginia, but across the nation, towards more inclusive, immersive, and innovative experiences.

This is the VBSC legacy — an unyielding commitment to excellence, a testament to agility, and a monument to Virginia’s unwavering love for sports.

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